For most people, to make truly life changing advances, requires a lot more than mere motivation. There are many things that motivate us to achieve both short and long term goals.
Providing motivational factors is an integral aspect of productivity. But to excel we need to find something even greater, something that when the rug is pulled from under us, we still manage to move forward, to adjust on the fly, and to achieve results that exceed expectations. This is the essence of breakout power, the power to emerge from adversity, to break down your barriers to success with great force and a sense of clarity. Breakout power is sustainable energy.

The Foundation

The problem with motivating factors is that once they are removed, our productivity will fall off. How many of us will continue to show up for work everyday without the prospect of being paid? If you want to see how quickly productivity can be stifled, tell someone they are going to be working for free.
At work, you may be motivated by compensation in order to get through the daily grind, or the need to take care of your family at home. The factors that push us along can be small or great, but they work like pistons in a motor that fire constantly to provide that spark we all need to take action.
The degree to which you can build and control Breakout power will directly affect the ability to take advantage of motivating factors. The greatest example of this is illustrated in a case study of any motivational speech that you can think of. The speaker will typically do an amazing job at generating positive energy and impulsive action. Participants leave with a new sense of vigor and direction. The outcome is very positive and encouraging, but how many are able to carry that enthusiasm and produce results? The degree of success or failure will be based on the individual’s level of breakout power.