Most people have a multitude of ways that they keep in contact with people in their network, whether family, friend, co-worker, acquaintance, or other.  They have a diverse and sometimes impressive array of information, like cell number, work email, work phone, personal email, facebook, linkedin, etc.  and don’t even mention if they need to give a full address,  ….or maybe a name and email that is nearly impossible to spell without help.

Ndext lets you create an account that contains all of your contact information in one place that can, by request, be delivered to someone else with an Ndext account.

Users have a handle, which they create, then give to anyone who wants information.



Jim gives Stacy his Ndext handle:  Cyberguy65

Stacy enters his handle into her Ndext app and requests info…

Jim gets the request, at some point opens the request, and indicates what information he would like forwarded to Stacey.



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